Dear Friends,


Almost five years ago, Marshall Levitt and I believed we could produce the most beautiful hardwood floors to be imagined, and that is precisely what we have accomplished to date. Rick K Southern Flooring Designs is the very best custom made hardwood flooring company to be found. There is no job too large or too intricate, and we can accomplish our custom work in any location world-wide. We can utilize our craftsmen to install your flooring or our Clients can use their own installers, under our tutelage, to complete the job. Either way, we know our artisanal flooring will never be duplicated.


Our many years of experience have taught us how to listen. We pay strict attention to the engineering conditions of the jobsite at hand and design to achieve the vision of the Client. Our Clients are guaranteed their floors are an exact match to the sample approved by them. Our Clients receive detailed, scaled and color coded CAD drawings of their entire project with the patterns and plank flooring clearly delineated.


Rick K Southern Flooring Designs has extremely discriminating Clients who want the very best in materials and techniques when they embark on a new construction or a restoration. We are passionate about preserving this dying art form while providing the support and employment for the craftsperson whose time-honored art has been handed down from generation to generation.


For Clients wanting truly custom flooring, Rick K Southern Flooring Designs is the manufacturer of choice. Our flooring is made to order for a specific customer, a person of taste and discernment who wants the finest product handmade according to the design of each room.


Customer service means everything to us. Eighty percent of our business is a result of referrals from clients whether they are designers, architects, general contractors or, most importantly, homeowners.


Your project has our undivided attention. We look forward to meeting with you to listen, to dream and work with your flooring design. Rick K Southern Flooring Designs will give you the most beautiful hand made, custom hardwood flooring in the world.


Sincerely yours,

Rick K. Southern
Rick K Southern Flooring Designs